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Frequently Used Acronyms

ARC     American Red Cross
BCBOHA     Berkshire County Boards of Health Association
BOH Board of Health
CCP Citizens Corps Program
CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CEMP Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
CERT     Citizens Emergency Response Team
COOP     Continuity of Operations Plan
DART Disaster Animal Response Team
DPH Department of Public Health
DHS     Department of Homeland Security
EDS Emergency Dispensing Site
EMD Emergency Management Director
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMT     Emergency Medical Technician
EOC     Emergency Operations Center
FEMA     Federal Emergency Management Agency
HazMat     Hazardous Materials
HHAN     Health and Homeland Alert Network
ICS     Incident Command System
IC     Incident Commander
JIT     Just In Time (Training)
LEPC     Local Emergency Planning Committee
MEMA Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
MMRS     Metropolitan Medical Response System
MRC     Medical Reserve Corps
NIMS     National Incident Management System
PIO     Public Information Officer
REPC     Regional Emergency Planning Committee
VOAD     Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
WRHSAC     Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council

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