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Mass Receiving

Mass Receiving is the ability to take care of a large number of evacuees. Through a multi-phased project, the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council has been studying the region’s capacity and capabilities to accommodate people who may evacuate to the area. The project will also identify ways that WRHSAC can assist to improve any identified gaps in capacity and capabilities.

Phase I of the project analyzed the number of people living within a three hour drive radius of western Massachusetts, and how many of those people might both pass through and seek accommodations inĀ  the region in the event of a mass evacuation due to a hazards event, either natural or human made. The study found that region’s capacity falls short of what may be needed in a large scale evacuation. The report for phase I is available for download and review.

Phase II of the project is exploring the development of Evacuation Service Centers or ESC. ESCs will provide short term, immediate services for evacuees rather than long term sheltering. These locations will provide gasoline, food and other temporary resources to aid evacuees traveling through western Massachusetts.

The following video provides further detail about the project.

WRHSAC Mass Receiving Video