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Emergency volunteers prayer circle. Credit: Chris Farrand, The Salvation Army

Faith Community Partnering for Emergency Preparedness

Building Whole Community Preparedness Partnerships

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate
Credit: Cynthia Hunter/FEMA

We need to move away from the mindset that the Federal and State governments are always in the lead, and build upon the strengths of our local communities and, more importantly, our citizens.
We must treat individuals and communities as key assets rather than liabilities.

– Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator
FEMA Strategic Plan: 2011- 2014

What links faith-based organizations and congregations to preparing to serve as key assets
in emergencies? Caring for those in need is the common denominator. Whether it is a community in crisis or a major disaster, the shared goal is to put our respective faiths into action—especially on behalf of those who are most vulnerable.

First Chuch of Monson Tornado Damage Repair
Credit:Kathleen Conley Norbut

But, how can you as a faith community member be there to help others, if weather-related damage or an epidemic impacts you, your family, your own home, your house of worship, and other members of your congregation?  The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council developed the Faith Community Partnering for Emergency Preparedness Project to help you build on your strengths and that of your congregation in order to best prepare for future challenges.

The goals of the Faith Community Partnering for Emergency Preparedness Project include:

  • Strengthening regional capacity-building for Whole Community preparedness by leveraging the collaboration and resources of the Faith Community
  • Engaging the leaders of faith-based organizations (as trusted institutions) to help advance emergency preparedness among their members and in community partnerships.

In order to encourage resilience and strengthen collaboration between the faith community and emergency responders, the project has provided a range of activities and resources.  Please click on the links below to learn more about the project:

Faith Community Partnering For Emergency Preparedness Information Video