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Project Tools for Faith Community

The Faith Community and Emergency Responders Forums included two workshops to provide an introduction to practical planning for the Faith Community.  The documents used in those workshops are available to download here.  They will help engage your congregation or faith-based organization with some of the challenges faced in a disaster situation and how each individual and institution can help prepare.

Situation Manual: Emergency Scenario – Facilitated Discussion

The scenario is presented in three sections, with each part accompanied by questions about the situation presented.  After the facilitator reads each section, have small groups discuss various ways of responding to the crisis.  There are no right or wrong answers.  The goal is to provide an opportunity to review, explore and develop plans and protocols that you might use in an actual disaster.  The exchange of ideas in small group discussion will help you share what your needs are and what resources you would bring to your community’s response.

To access the Situation Manual in PDF format, Click here

To obtain a copy as a Word document, contact Berkshire County Boards of Health Association:

Faith Community Partnering for Preparedness: Planning Guide

This Planning Guide enables your congregation or faith-based organization to enhance Whole Community resilience by complementing the capabilities of government and nonprofit emergency professionals, not trying to replace them. We need to go beyond the spontaneous good will and volunteer spirit that so many faith communities have demonstrated in response to disasters in our region, in our country and beyond.  By planning, we can identify our essential functions and determine how to prepare the people, places and resources required for implementing that mission during and after a disaster.

In order to improve effectiveness, increase resilience and minimize burn-out, we are called to initiate and strengthen person-to-person connections by partnering on three levels:

  • Within each congregation or faithbased organization, including individual and household preparedness and a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for the institution.
  • With others in your denomination at the local, regional, state and national levels as well as with other denominations in your area.
  • With professional and volunteer emergency responders.

To access the Planning Guide in PDF format, Click here

To obtain a copy as a Word document, contact Berkshire County Boards of Health Association:

Planning Guide Template for Faith Communities